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Credit cards come with a ton of different perks designed to sweeten the deal to potential applicants. Anyone who is looking to acquire a new credit card has hundreds upon hundreds of different offers to choose from. Credit card companies add a little marketing to their deals. Bonus protections are among the special things offered to applicants. Sometimes, so many different protections are presented with one card that the applicant forgets he or she even has them.

“Baggage delay protection” surely falls under the category of credit card perks capable of slipping people’s minds. After all, how often does an airline make a mistake and delay the delivery of a passenger’s bags? Well, the problem does happen now and then. Why not have the protections in place in order to access some money saving benefits when baggage ends up misplaced, delayed, or otherwise not delivered where it should be and when it should be?

More Than Inconvenient

The delay of a bag by 16 hours can be a lot more than inconvenient depending upon the itinerary of someone’s trip. A person who flies into a major city’s airport for a weekend fishing trip may arrive at 10 PM. The traveler needs to get on a train to go to the fishing spot that is five hours away and do so immediately.

What happens if all the traveler’s fishing gear is in the delayed luggage? The person is stuck buying a lot of expensive gear for the weekend, gear he/she really doesn’t need. Baggage delay protection could definitely help out in this situation.

A Form of Insurance

Baggage delay protection is more than just a perk. This is a type of insurance that a cardholder can use to file a claim. If the card offers “up to $500 in protection”, someone who is stuck paying $295 out of pocket due to a baggage delay may be able to get a full reimbursement from the credit card company.

Terms and Conditions

No, baggage delay protection is not going to come with a blanket payment for any and all lost items. Each individual credit card issuer is going to present certain terms and conditions that must be met prior to a payout. There may be a time requirement prior to being able to file a baggage protection claim. For example, the bags may need to be delayed for a minimum or 12 hours or more before the claim can be filed.

Also, the maximum amount may be further limited by daily distributions. A minimum of $75 per day to a maximum of $300 is possible. And then there may be a clause for essential items. This clause means certain obvious essentials such as toiletries and clothes may be covered, but items such as fishing gear would need pre-authorization.

Getting pre-authorization means the purchase could be approved or denied. Gaining an approval or denial at 3 AM on Saturday morning is not going to be likely either. The pre-authorizations may need to be done during normal business hours.

Baggage delay protection is definitely nice, but no one said that it was perfect. Maybe certain credit companies are more perfect than others.

Shopping Around for Baggage Protection Insurance

One credit card company may be a lot more generous with baggage protection policies than others. Instead of 12 hours as the minimum threshold for a delay, the minimum may be reduced to six hours. The total amount of money on the reimbursement might be a lot higher as well.

Travelers who want the best possible protections in place really do need to compare the perks and protections presented with numerous different cards. This way, the right selection on the best card can be made. Reading reviews and checking out websites the highlight the perks of particular cards would be good moves.

Don’t Forget The Airline

Due to federal regulations, airlines are prompted to reimburse travelers baggage check fees when delays occur. Internal customer service policies may require the issuance of a small amount of money for delays on baggage. The payouts may not be a lot, but they help. It might not hurt to write the corporate headquarters of the airline if losses exceed the amount paid. Maybe the airline will pay more money to cover the expenses.